Utility Billing


basis2 is a Customer Information System suitable for regulated, deregulated and transitioning utilities. It is a solution that records, manages and reports on the most important activities within an organization, those involving customers. Because of the depth of information recorded within the system and the ease at which it can be accessed, basis2 allows exceptional customer service at a lower cost of delivery. [Learn more]

BIAS Utility Billing

Accounting application that tracks utility billing by category and supports multiple input types, such as bills, activity, and notes. [Learn more]

Billing Maid

Water billing software that uses data from Halytech Water Tracker spiders for invoice generation. [Learn more]


BillingOrchard is an online electronic billing software application that maintains hourly time billing, along with flat fee and recurring billing, managed using your web browser. Integration to Authorize.Net and other leading payment gateways provides hands-free recurring billing. BillingOrchard is the ideal solution for web hosts and hosting resellers, lawyers, web developers, consultants, and others requiring ti... [Learn more]


BillMaster is a Utility Billing program for all public and private utilities. It is a complete CIS, billing and management program which includes Service Orders, Meter Maintenance history and Scheduling in addition to the CRM and Billing process. BillMaster features customizable account records, flexible reporting options, and unlimited rate schedules and charge calculations. Complex rate structures are supported.... [Learn more]