Web-based, end-to-end transportation management system solution specifically designed for LTL motor carriers. [Learn more]

Centerline TMS

Comprehensive enterprise transportation management software for LTL and TL carriers. Integrated Accounting and Payroll. Order Entry, Dispatch, GPS & Mapping, Crossdock, Rating, Driver Settlement, Partner Management, Billing, Invoicing, OS&D, claims management. Cost effective on-board computing. Single or Multi Company, Single or Multi terminal. [Learn more]

Centerline TMS (Centerline)

The Centerline suite of business solutions drives reduced operating costs and increased profitability for LTL and TL businesses. [Learn more]

Ceritar Suite

Ceritar's suite is designed to manage high volumes of transactions for multi-warehouses, multi-terminals, multi-clients and multi-transportation activities for 000s of trucks while optimizing the whole operation in real-time. The suite integration functionality includes paperless, interleaving, fast-slow mover management, CRM, multi-rating, ABC, routing, and performance management. It is a real-time multi-language... [Learn more]

CIMA Truck

Cimatruck software is a web based Transportation Management System. The system includes two modules, dispatch and maintenance that capture 100% of your transportation relevant data in a central database. The database provides various reports for analysis and long term planning. Target markets include transportation companies, transportation brokers, and fleet managers looking to improve fleet efficiency and con... [Learn more]