Best OnLine Tracking

BOLT - an integrated dispatch system - levels the playing field by letting carriers with fewer than 500 trucks manage their operation at an affordable price. BOLT integrates dispatch, accounting, fuel tax reporting, asset and maintenance tracking, log checking & more. You can automatically provide shippers and receivers with critical load data. BOLT gives you a fighting chance and helps you compete with the big gu... [Learn more]

Borg Fleet

Borg Fleet brings it all together - from fleet maintenance management (FMM) to fleet resource planning (FRP), all through a simple website to your business. Everything is integrated in one simple solution including GPS to save you money and hours of tedious copy-pasting from one program to another. It is designed to be quick to setup, easy to use, and flexible enough to support all your fleet related processes. [Learn more]


Vehicle fleet inspection software. Windows Desktop Vehicle fleed operation and maintenance software. This Application will record all your daily pre/post vehicle inspections data to MTO Ont. Canada standards. BTMS helps your office to record: daily Truck, equipment data, Trailer and Coach Inspection and Vehicle/Equipment maintenance records, Canada MTO Requirements record keeping. Employee data, Equipment Operato... [Learn more]

CargoTel TMS

TMS can enhance all aspects of your dispatch operations with nothing more than a PC and an Internet connection. We offer web-based TMS, wireless and EDI solutions for the freight transportation and logistics industries - a total system offering unsurpassed productivity, tracking and management tools that put you on a level higher than your largest competitors! [Learn more]


3D load planning simulator tells you if your cargo will fit; for trucks and containers. [Learn more]