Transportation Dispatch

Cab Treasure

The "Cab Treasure" is the one and only system of its kind and with the unique set of features it offers it can be easily considered the system for all irrelevant of the size in terms of number of drivers, location and the financial status of the cab company. An online dispatch system so that the controller can take booking from anywhere in the world and at anytime, facilitate the cab companies to smoothly run thei... [Learn more]


CAD is a mission critical dispatch resource management tool that can effectively minimize response time and assists dispatch personnel to make correct response decisions. [Learn more]


Truck dispatcher training software that teaches clients and customers about effective load management. [Learn more]

CargoTel TMS

TMS can enhance all aspects of your dispatch operations with nothing more than a PC and an Internet connection. We offer web-based TMS, wireless and EDI solutions for the freight transportation and logistics industries - a total system offering unsurpassed productivity, tracking and management tools that put you on a level higher than your largest competitors! [Learn more]

Ceritar Suite

Ceritar's suite is designed to manage high volumes of transactions for multi-warehouses, multi-terminals, multi-clients and multi-transportation activities for 000s of trucks while optimizing the whole operation in real-time. The suite integration functionality includes paperless, interleaving, fast-slow mover management, CRM, multi-rating, ABC, routing, and performance management. It is a real-time multi-language... [Learn more]