Transportation Dispatch

ArcLogistics Route

Software solution for routing and scheduling complex local delivery fleets. [Learn more]

ARMS Computer Aided Dispatch

Effectively manages resources, responses and all dispatching activities. [Learn more]

ASSIST4 Transport Management

AEB's ASSIST4 Transport Management lets your goods and information flow: standardized and automated along the supply chain you define. Jobs are consolidated to save costs and the most affordable carrier is automatically selected for each job in both procurement and distribution processes. The ASSIST4 Docu-Scout applies defined rules to suggest all the documents and electronic messages required for complete 4C comp... [Learn more]

Avaal Express

Avaal Express is a comprehensive software solution with Dispatching, Fleet Management, Safety & Compliance and Accounting in a single easy-to-use platform. Avaal Express does driver pay, invoicing, GPS, Fuel Tax, electronic document storage, integrated with PC Miler and comes in four versions: Dispatch Manager, Freight Broker, Auto-Hauler, and Intermodal Container. If you are a small to medium sized transportat... [Learn more]

Awery Airline Management Software

Web-enabled airline ERP solution with modules for managing flights, cargo, and services, as well as accounting and HR capabilities. [Learn more]