Telecom Expense Management

Abacus Cloud

Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, Unified Communications, Video-conferencing. Abacus Group implements private, public and hybrid telecommunications clouds. VoIP Readiness Assessments. [Learn more]

ABS 100

ABS 100 provides a low cost high performance CDR Processing, Billing, and Call Accounting System that Rates Wholesale, Departmental, Carrier, and Retail CDRs while also providing Network Optimization, Carrier Management, and Profit/Loss reports. The ABS 100 system also generates LCR Routing Data. It can compare multiple Carrier Rates and is a great platform for Wholesale Billing and Agent/Reseller Re-Billing. [Learn more]

Advanced Vendor Management

Advanced Vendor Management streamlines telecom cost management to save money, save time, and simplify processes, including cost allocations, price comparisons, bill auditing, orders, and inventory. Our thorough processes, embedded in our services and software, enable companies to automate these functions and transform a manual, time-consuming paper-based process into a tightly managed system. With AVM you will sav... [Learn more]

Advocate Networks

A solution to help global organizations manage, understand, and control their mobile and fixed-line communications assets and costs. [Learn more]

AnchorPoint TEM

TEM helps companies reduce their telecom spend by creating accountability and chargeback across corporate departments for all telecom resources; eliminating vendor over-billings; automating resource-intensive telecom invoice processing; identifying and removing unused internal telecom resources; and providing a database of information that offers enormous value in business intelligence, analyzing and identifying h... [Learn more]