Active Websurvey

Active Websurvey is web-based survey software designed to easily create customize surveys, polls, or questionnaires. It generates the survey HTML, allows you to send surveys to a targeted group and interpret survey results in real-time. The full source code is included. Uses Access 2000 or MS SQL database. Survey Types Single Form Survey Single Form Survey with Results Evaluation Survey with Multiple Section a... [Learn more]


The Allegiance Survey Suite is comprised of a wide range of online questionnaires that can help your organization quickly gather quality information about a specific topic. The ActiveSurvey tool lets you choose your audience-whether a tightly controlled subgroup or a more random selection-and proactively send them a survey via email. The interface is so intuitive and easy, participation often greatly exceeds that ... [Learn more]

Solution that offers survey library & design, welcome messaging, survey testing, questions management. Website integration available. [Learn more]

Advanced Survey

Create and customize online surveys to your specifications with website and email based surveys. [Learn more]

Amplitude Research Hosted Solutions

Proprietary survey and market research software programmed and hosted on our own survey platform. [Learn more]