Supply Chain Management

Absolute Value

Now distributors can solve their most pressing forecasting and replenishment needs without changing their ERP system or making a considerable up-front investment. Absolute Value is a best-fit, formula-based forecasting and multi-site replenishment solution for distributors. The solution, delivered as a monthly service, allows users to reduce inventory levels and increase profits, while concurrently improving cust... [Learn more]

Access Supply Chain

A fully featured ERP solution designed for the specialised needs of medium/large manufacturing and distribution companies. It is ideal for all types of warehousing, multi-location stock, distribution and pick & pack operations, and enables manufacturers to handle even the most complex builds and recipes, from make-to-order, make-to-stock, process and make-to-forecast. As a fully modular solution, Access Supply Cha... [Learn more]

Accura Software Supply Chain Group

Supply Chain modules include: Inventory Manager (Handles stocked and non-stocked inventory items at multiple sites), Sales Order (order processing and invoicing of customers), Purchase Order, Manufacturing (bill of materials, routing, work orders, material requisitions, and production), and Requisition. [Learn more]

Advantage Suite

Multi-channel retailing solution that enhances business productivity and creates powerful integration between channels. [Learn more]

Appian DirectRoute

DirectRoute, designed for distribution and supply companies, is richly graphical routing and scheduling software that helps transportation organizations in all industries lower their costs, control field operations and service their customers better. Optimizing route planning, automating driver scheduling and consolidating shipments for efficient delivery with DirectRoute can produce full return on initial investm... [Learn more]