Succession Planning

ActionHRM Job and Position Management

Ideally suited for small and midsize businesses, ActionHRM Job and Position Management allows the administrator to maintain the jobs and positions in the organization. It improves productivity by standardizing job descriptions and linking them to organization goals. [Learn more]

Aruspex CAPTure

Create workforce plans, develop strategies for recruitment, compensation, and training, plan changes for specific job functions. [Learn more]


A simple and affordable strategic performance management system for organizations needing a less complex and easy to implement solution. - Performance review requirements linked to role requirements - Manager and employee self reviews - Individual development goals - Track required and assigned training (employee registration and workflow approval with manager and HR) - Track wage scales - Track organization's str... [Learn more]

Career & Succession Planning

StepStone's Career & Succession Planning Solution helps you to generate career development plans, comparing your vacancies with internal and external candidates to strategically plan for current and future requirements. [Learn more]

Centranum HRadvance

Talent Management web-based systems to support the entire people management spectrum. [Learn more]