Social Networking

Behavior Platform

Offers the world's most powerful and flexible solution suite to increase customer and employee engagement. [Learn more]


Provide a community engagement service that stimulates online community participation and simplifies the capture of views and feedback. [Learn more]

Bitrix Site Manager

Bitrix Site Manager offers rich social networking functionality to maintain high-quality online communities in either business-oriented or entertainment websites. The software enables creating discussion groups with rich user profiles, user directory, forums and blogs, custom polls, photo and video galleries. Users can grow a friend network, search for content, get notifications, plan group activities, share file... [Learn more]


Bloomfire's web-based social networking software enables teams and organizations of all sizes to collaborate, create, share and learn together. With powerful Q&A features that allow for upload and creation of answers via video, documents, quickposts and more. Secure social networking software the whole team will enjoy. Start your own free trial today. Easily create your own business social network to help keep ... [Learn more]


Open source social networking software for building communities inside WordPress sites. [Learn more]