Server Management

BMC Remedyforce Service Desk

Remedyforce is everything you need in an IT help desk, without the hassle of hardware. With IT service management best practices built right in, Remedyforce automates your service desk processes. Build and manage your help desk with the experience of thousands of customers and without the pain of programming custom scripts. We built Remedyforce on, the industry's leading platform for SaaS applications (... [Learn more]


Simple, powerful tools to manage cloud servers and revolutionize the way companies manage their IT infrastructure. [Learn more]

Corner Bowl Log Manager

Corner Bowl Log Manager is a cost conscious network-wide Event Log, Syslog and application log management tool that enables Systems Administrators to automate log monitoring, reporting, consolidation, archiving and fulfill auditing requirements set forth by regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOX. [Learn more]

EchoStream for AIX

EchoStream for AIX replicates data in real time allowing you to protect and rapidly recover data in the event of software corruption, security breach, virus attack, deleted files or other causes of data loss. EchoStream protects your data and applications by replicating changes in real time to a second AIX environment. Use the replicated data for development, testing, reporting, training, and even tape backups. ... [Learn more]

ELM Enterprise Manager

A rules based enterprise wide system and server monitoring, alerting, and reporting software solution. [Learn more]