ABC Event Manager

Designed to manage every detail of your sales and catering operation with speed, accuracy and convenience. If you think you have seen or used the best, please spare a moment! The list features is too long to list. [Learn more]

Active Data Calendar

Active Data Calendar is a web-based, fully integrated event marketing, registration management and facilities resource scheduling calendar. Use easy event publishing tools, set conflict notification, download events to your personal calendar, set reminders, and register and accept payment for your events with our robust solution while promoting your events on your website, portal or client pages. [Learn more]


Server-side solution for organizations that need to synchronize Outlook calendar items. [Learn more]

ADE Enterprise

Resource scheduling system that offers agenda management, calculation/optimization engine, data sharing, analysis tool, etc. [Learn more]

Affinety Facility Scheduling

Reservation and facility scheduling system for managing people, spaces & equipment. Buildings, rooms, equipment, and staff can all be associated to a permit. Each reservable item has its own availability schedule, and the scheduling process will quickly allow you to compare multiple options at the same time to determine the ones that best meet your needs [Learn more]