Risk Management

A1 Tracker

Cloud risk management software allows for fast deployment of highly flexible risk management tracking such as categories of risk, risk classifications, and estimated / actual cost of risk. Standard classifications of risk and custom classifications of risk by industry, including # of physicians, hospital beds, speciality services, buildings, fire, flood, theft, misappropriation, misconduct to name few. [Learn more]

Active Risk Manager

Enables management to effectively deal with uncertainty and risk, from a corporate, operational and project level. [Learn more]

Algo Suite

An entire risk management solution offered in a collection of bundled packages. [Learn more]


Comprehensive governance, risk and compliance solution that includes a proven and powerful internal controls module. [Learn more]


If you use spreadsheets for building business models or policy analysis, Analytica will be a revelation: Its intuitive influence diagrams let you create a model the way you think, and communicate clearly with colleagues and clients. Its Intelligent Arrays let you create and manage multidimensional tables with an ease and reliability unknown in spreadsheets. Its efficient Monte Carlo lets you quickly evaluate ri... [Learn more]