Restaurant Management

eTask Restaurant Manager

eTask Restaurant Manager is an end to restaurant management solution which is meant to manage chains of restaurants throughout various locations in a centralized manner. eTask Restaurant Manager provide restaurant chains, franchisees, independent operators, and hotels with advanced computerized systems to improve customer service, automate production, control costs and provide movement of information within the re... [Learn more]


Execu/Tech POS software provides you with the vital information needed to manage your business. [Learn more]


Restaurant management system featuring: find dining, quick service, delivery, bar service, and cashier. [Learn more]

EZCheck Analyzer

EZCheck Analyzer was developed with the unique needs of hospitality leaders and controllers in mind. Search, filter, sort and reorganize your POS data so that it makes sense and has meaning. The process is surprisingly simple. EZCheck Analyzer retrieves transaction-level details from the POS system, storing the information in its own database. When it's time to analyze the data, the user selects and organizes the ... [Learn more]


Windows based software package for restaurants and take-outs. The program is very simple to use; your employees will require very little training. The software is network ready, and there is no additional charge for running the program on multiple workstations. Price is $280. [Learn more]