Restaurant Management

Compel Cart

Online shop system for restaurants. Be up and running in as little as two weeks. Online ordering for food, merchandise, and gift cards. [Learn more]


Manage a restaurant efficiently. Covered modules are Billing, Accounting, Kitchen Store management. [Learn more]

CostGuard Inventory

CostGuard is a complete foodservice software for managing inventory, recipes, menus, sales mixes, and reporting. CostGuard analyzes actual and ideal food costs, and calculates variance (shrinkage) by major and minor food groups, as well as by the individual item. There are interfaces with supplier data, POS systems, accounting (including QuickBooks), and Catering systems. We have thousands of CostGuard users wo... [Learn more]

Crystal Point POS

PC-based POS System designed to address the needs of today's restaurant industry in an "easy-to-use" and highly efficient manner. [Learn more]

Decision Logic

Decision Logic is an enterprise management solution for multi-unit restaurant operators with a minimum of 10 restaurants. Decision Logic provides a comprehensive Back Office, Above Store Reporting, Advanced Middleware, and Supply Chain Management. DL is first and foremost an operations solution that allows familiar tasks to be accomplished faster and more accurately than ever before, with an average of 7 hours pe... [Learn more]