Restaurant Management

Aldelo For Restaurants

discountPOS provides powerful and affordable Point of Sale (pos) systems for restaurants and retail stores..With the KissPOS Flex - Screen user interface and overall ease of use you will be able to mange your inventory, customers, employees and money more effectively and profitably..... [Learn more]

Aloha Point of Sale

Leading Aloha POS provider in the New York City metro area: quick service, table service, bar/lounge modules; videocams. [Learn more]

Aspect Software

Cutomized sales reporting, labor reporting, employee scheduling, inventory maintenance, menu costing & polling. [Learn more]

Auphan Dining

Web Enabled POS System for restaurants - quick service and multi-locations. [Learn more]


Applicant Tracking and Employee Onboarding; Labor Scheduling and Payroll Export; Back Office with Inventory, Above Store Reproting, Business Intelligence; Catering with Online Ordering; and Electronic Content Management Software for Multi-Unit Operators [Learn more]