Quality Management


Create a quality assurance and quality control manual by starting with a quality template that addresses the crucial aspects of a successful quality program. This template is formatted in Word and can be easily edited to convey the unique quality control processes of an organization to its clients and employees. Defining and conveying to everyone in an organization effective quality processes ensures that all act... [Learn more]


Web-based enterprise quality and compliance management solutions designed to help firms track issues and actions. [Learn more]


WebLayers automates the enforcement of standards, best practices and policies during development and ensures that all development- SOA, java, .net, COBOL, etc. - is of the enterprise quality required. Immediate feedback to developers within the IDE, plug-ins to registries, SCM, Build systems and other event driven mechanisms govern development. Robust reporting features provide leadership with visibility and trans... [Learn more]

Cetec Compliance

Cetec Compliance (by Tech-X) is a FREE, web-based, integrated quality compliance system to quickly meet core ISO standards. [Learn more]


CIVER-SUPPLIER is a multi-faceted Record Management software application that allows organizations to define Supplier, Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Product, Assembly, Sub-Assembly, Part, Replacement Part Entities and to interlink these using CIVER-MANAGE. CIVER-SUPPLIER accommodates data collection at defined Entities, with hierarchical navigation across Entities. The distinguishing feature of the software is that ... [Learn more]