Public Transportation


Fully automates customer, vehicle, trip request, scheduling, routing, dispatch management, billing and reporting requirements. [Learn more]


Addresses the needs of small to medium size paratransit services providing 50 to as many as 500 trips per day. [Learn more]


Automatic booking and dispatching system for taxis; seeks a suitable vehicle for each booking in real time. [Learn more]

TeleNav Track

Telenav's GPS-based tracking service allows you to better manage your fleet, workers, and assets. Know where your vehicles are 24/7 and receive informative reports regarding driving habits, etc. through our online web portal/ your mobile device. Our fleet management system promotes safe driving and lowers operating costs by helping you save on fuel and insurance. We give you control of your fleet, workforce & asse... [Learn more]

Transit Software

Solutions for paratransit, deviated bus routes, shuttles and school buses. [Learn more]