Pricing Optimization


pVelocity is purpose-built to rapidly connect actual cost data associated with products, customers, assets, and materials, in real-time, from all relevant business systems. Now, each operational role relevant to profit decisions can gain visibility into every angle of the profit picture by segmenting, analyzing, and performing "what-if" simulations on margin performance, right down to the bill of materials, for e... [Learn more]

B2B Pricing Suite

A modular solution consisting of contract monitoring, quoting, and price policy optimization modules. [Learn more]

Channel IQ

Pricing monitoring, channel management, and competitive intelligence solutions for manufactures and retailers. [Learn more]

DemandTec Price

Leverage consumer, demand and market insights to optimize prices for every item to achieve volume, sales and profitability. [Learn more]

Digital Online Exchange

Innovative dynamic pricing solution that finds the optimal pricing for your products and updates those prices in real-time. [Learn more]