Patient Case Management


Accelerates the implementation of Argus Safety, a drug safety and pharmacovigilance system, to save you time and money. [Learn more]


AccuCare allows clinicians in substance abuse treatment and behavioral health to quickly and easily enter client information and track outcomes. The web-based system allows the database to be accessed from any computer with internet access, giving clinicians a centralized and integrated workflow. [Learn more]

Acuity Advanced Care Management

Patient-centric integrated care management platform to implement workflow processes. [Learn more]

Adaptive Care Software Solutions

Adaptive Care Software Solutions, EHR, MAR and HR are securely hosted applications with critical modules for ICF, MRDD, ALF, CRCC, Group Homes, Home Health Care and Semi Independent Living Skills (SILS) providers of any size. Our applications are customizable to fit your specific needs. Our cell phone apps, featuring Windows Mobile, combined with discounted data packages, make remote charting affordable for HHC ... [Learn more]


A collaborative health care management platform for case management, disease management and utilization management. [Learn more]