Patch Management

Absolute Manage

Absolute Manage is able to self-heal if the application agent is removed from a computer, providing you with a constant connection to each device in your deployment. [Learn more]


Manage desktops, notebooks, thin clients, handhelds, industry-standard servers, and software including Windows, Linux and UNIX. [Learn more]


Allows for cross platform capabilities, reporting on every device within the enterprise, and deploying custom applications. [Learn more]

BladeLogic Configuration Manager

Allows IT organizations to provision, patch, configure, and update servers across platforms and data centers. [Learn more]

BMC Remedyforce Service Desk

Remedyforce is everything you need in an IT help desk, without the hassle of hardware. With IT service management best practices built right in, Remedyforce automates your service desk processes. Build and manage your help desk with the experience of thousands of customers and without the pain of programming custom scripts. We built Remedyforce on, the industry's leading platform for SaaS applications (... [Learn more]