Carlson Mining 2009

Carlson Mining 2009 programs are unique applications that allow the user to perform mine engineering and geology, while running entirely inside AutoCAD. The Carlson Mining 2009 programs are currently in use by hundreds of groups ranging from small engineering firms to huge coal companies and government agencies alike. [Learn more]

DBSU2448 System

DBSU is NOT your average Fleet Management System with limited reporting capabilities. Our focus has been to supply detailed data that satisfies Project Managers and Accountants especially when working in remote areas. Data retention is critical to adequate reporting functions. DBSU provides Web-based reports ranging from GPS tracking to Financials. As the DBSU2448 System is scalable, you choose the extent of the s... [Learn more]


Software for natural stone industry to enhance customer service, optimize inventory, increase productivity and improve profitability. [Learn more]

EQWin Data Manager

Used by environmental professionals to manage data primarily for the purposes of complex regulatory reporting. [Learn more]


Handles the complexities of mine optimization, planning and scheduling for both open pit and underground operations. [Learn more]