Medical Transcription

All Digital Transcription Service

Medical transcription service that utilizes high speed networks, digital voice recorders and secure phone and servers. [Learn more]


Complete services for medical software, billing, clearinghouse, medical claims, collections, & offsite backup [Learn more]


BayScribe is a complete fault-tolerant, patient reporting solution: voice capture, ADT capture, routing, workflow management, transcription, transcription productivity tools and document delivery (print/fax/HL7). BayScribe is designed for the 24x7 demands of the healthcare industry. Deploy BayScribe on VMware to maximize redundancy, scalability and disaster recovery by deploying the BayScribe Virtual Appliance on... [Learn more]


A hosted dictation, transcription, and speech recognition solution that allows you to easily and securely route work to home-based, offshore, or on-site transcriptionists with centralized management. If you want tools that can help you maximize productivity, but you are missing the capital or IT resources required for other systems- 3M ChartScript.Com can work for you. [Learn more]


Would you like to improve efficiency in your practice? Ensure accuracy in your medical notes? Work smarter? Leave the office earlier? And save money? Welcome to Clicktate-a web-based document management, storage and retrieval system combining EMR functionality at a fraction of the cost of most software. Clicktate uses intuitive smart-prompts to make building notes easier. An integrated facesheet gives you patient ... [Learn more]