Medical Lab


Pathology test process management software with easy to operate, native touchscreen user interface. [Learn more]


ePrognosis is an comprehensive web-based Laboratory Information [Learn more]


eQMS::LIMS unifies diverse sets of biological, chemical or physical data collected across corresponding analytical laboratories into a unified central database. Assignments, data and job queues are presented through a browser based user interface, hence any personal computer equipped with Internet explorer can readily access the system. eQMS::LIMS relies on workflow engine that automates overall analytical process... [Learn more]


EvolutionLIMS is an off-the-shelf Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed to greatly improve laboratory performance while it enables clinical and R&D laboratories to keep accurate track of samples, reagents, instruments, processes, and output. Researchers and Lab Directors can track samples and resources from the time they are acquired, to the final reporting. [Learn more]


Cloud-based solution for touch screen devices that helps improve workflows of cardiology labs, radiology departments, nursing, etc. [Learn more]