Medical Lab

Centricity TriWin Laboratory

NT-based laboratory information system for back-end processing of a laboratory's specimen management, testing, validation, reporting, billing, etc. [Learn more]

Chemical Inventory

Tool to keep track of the chemical inventory at various locations including multi-users with specific access privileges. [Learn more]


Increase your labs productivity without having to add additional personnnel. Clin1 LAB has the performance to handle large patient databases and high sample accession rates, whether you accession 20 to 20,000 samples per day. CLIN1 LAB can manage your information accurately and efficiently. Highly versatile and customizable means it will be useable in any laboratory setting, from Hospital, POL, Reference, Toxi... [Learn more]


Enterprise laboratory information management system that manages complex workflow and specific data requirements. [Learn more]

ClinLab 2000

ClinLab Laboratory Information Solutions are turnkey solutions for the clinical and business needs of first-rate laboratories that must strategically position themselves in today's changing environment. Designed by medical technologists using client/server technology, ClinLab provides unlimited system expansion capabilities, high system performance, and fail-safe data storage. [Learn more]