Medical Lab


PharmQuest's Analytical Information Management System (AIMS) allows pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to electronically track the flow of samples through a lab or across various labs. The system facilitates the reduction of paper trail and accelerates the process by automating information flow. AIMS is designed to optimize sample tracking, beginning at the submitter's site and continuing through to the fi... [Learn more]


LIS. Documents/facilitates clinical (& other) lab workflow - accession, manual/automated tests, approval, report creation & delivery. Linkable to billing. Built by healthcare 'IT veterans' & scientists. Windows .NET framework. For small or multi-sited labs. Refined architecture with high performance. Configurable. Dynamically painted screens. Sold off-the-shelf, customized, as a suite, or per module. Opti... [Learn more]


Complete services for medical software, billing, clearinghouse, medical claims, collections, & offsite backup [Learn more]


ApolloLIMS is a laboratory information management system designed to manage workflow from specimen accessioning through results reporting. Flexibility is the most compelling attribute of ApolloLIMS and has allowed the system to be successful in a wide variety of laboratory environments such as toxicology, clinical, environmental and public health. [Learn more]

Appian DirectRoute

DirectRoute, designed for distribution and supply companies, is richly graphical routing and scheduling software that helps transportation organizations in all industries lower their costs, control field operations and service their customers better. Optimizing route planning, automating driver scheduling and consolidating shipments for efficient delivery with DirectRoute can produce full return on initial investm... [Learn more]