Medical Billing


Software application for healthcare providers designed to bill and create HIPAA compliant medical claims. [Learn more]

ABN Assistant

Medical necessity denials cost providers thousands to millions of dollars every year in write-offs, plus costly staff time researching and appealing denials and responding to patient concerns. With ABN Assistant¿¿¿, staff can validate medical necessity, print Medicare-compliant ABNs with estimated cost, and stop over 90% of medical necessity denials. [Learn more]


AccuMed's ONC certified EHR solution offers Custom Templates, User Created Forms, eRx and eLabs. Using a single SQL Database you can choose to add the modules that make sense for your agency. Electronic Billing, Eligibility Verification, Scheduling, Auto Remittance Posting, Claim "Scrubber", Custom Reports, Appointment Reminder, Document Management. Accumedic supports connectivity with HIEs and RHIOs using HL7. [Learn more]

ADP AdvancedMD Medical Billing Software

AdvancedMD Medical Billing Software significantly improves and automates so many of the tasks associated with revenue capture. If your operation is still heavily paper-based, or you are using a client/server product that does not offer state-of-the-art claims scrubbing features with continuously updating rules engine, chances are you are dropping money on the floor. As a physician you deliver quality healthcare, b... [Learn more]

Advanced CMS-1500

Complete and submit CMS-1500 claims, Save patient claims for easy editing and subsequent claims. [Learn more]