Loan Origination

A4dable Credit Provider Software

Risk management solution for South African lending industry. [Learn more]

Ability Credit Decisioning System

Ability CDS automates the process of taking loan application information, makes the lending decision based on your criteria, and generates the loan documentation or adverse action letter. The process is simple, efficient and hassle-free. Input loan application information from your desk, or allow business partners such as car dealerships or retail stores to process applications at their location via a secure Inte... [Learn more]


We accelerate the deployment of predictive models with our ADAP platform. We don't build predictive models, we deploy (scoring and business rules) them in the Cloud, on-site, in a database for Big Data needs and in real time. We are based on the PMML standard so we can accept commerical and open source built models. [Learn more]


Extend the life and functionality of your existing Loan Origination System to enable next generation features such as cross selling, debt reparations and upselling of loans. ARTEnterprise is an artificial intelligence application development environment. This rules and case-based decisioning technology integrates all your data sources - from structured databases to unstructured documents - with your business polic... [Learn more]


Standalone loan system, designed to process high activity secured dealer floorplan loans. [Learn more]