License Management

Absolute Manage

Absolute Manage is able to self-heal if the application agent is removed from a computer, providing you with a constant connection to each device in your deployment. [Learn more]

Alliant Royalties

Manage royalty, rights and revenue sharing for a wide variety of licensed intellectual property industries and business models. [Learn more]

Alloy Navigator Enterprise

Alloy Navigator is an IT Asset Management and Service Management solution designed & built with industry best practices and real-world customers in mind. Targeted for medium & large businesses, it offers an intuitive, comprehensive, easy-to-use approach to manage and support the complete life cycle within and beyond IT. [Learn more]


AssetStudio is an Enterprise Software Asset Management solution. Covering all of the critical elements: Inventory, Software Delivery, and Licence Management and Compliance AssetStudio allows organisations to gain an accurate picture of their software estate. Enabling the comprehensive management of Virtualised and Thin Client environments the solution offers a unique automation process to provide a real-time Effec... [Learn more]


BasicGov Systems, Inc. develops, sells and supports web-based software, also known as SaaS, for state and local governments throughout North America. BasicGov software suite includes: Permits & Inspections; Code Enforcement; Licensing; Planning; Citizen Portal and ESRI GIS. To help lower IT costs BasicGov has an aggressive SaaS subscription pricing model. BasicGov has partnered with and its [Learn more]