Lead Management

Aprimo Marketing

Supports all marketing functions: campaigns, direct marketing, leads, events, asset management, and communications. [Learn more]

Atmosphere LM

Web-based software that allows advertisers and publishers to capture and track leads. Offers scheduling, and online client portal. [Learn more]

Auric Prospector

Auric Technology offers an easy-to-use web based contact, customer and opportunity management system with a powerful offline application for those who travel. Sales professionals will close more deals with fast and easy tracking and organizeing of their contacts and opportunities. Customer support teams resolve issues faster with access to the critical information they need. Management will finally have the anal... [Learn more]

AutoRaptor CRM

AutoRaptor is a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Internet Lead Management (ILM) solution that offers a way to change how your salespeople relate to customers. AutoRaptor CRM enhances your dealership through incredible ease of use, accessibility from anywhere, all-in-one convenience and a proven way to drive more leads into sales. Call today for a free online demo (888) 421-6533 [Learn more]


AVANSER's call tracking tools, allows you to know where calls are coming from and makes it easy to track your cost per lead in real time. Using 1300, 1800 or local numbers, you accurately capture the advertising source of every incoming call. Furthermore, for every call that is missed, AVANSER sends you an instant notification so you can call your prospect back before the sales lead goes cold. Real-time online rep... [Learn more]