Acts as an auto dialer for groups, clubs, churches and schools.Can dial a list of up to 300 members and leave a message. [Learn more]

BioClinica Trident

Tridents interactive web response system intuitive study set-up user interface empowers business users (not programmers) to quickly set up, test and deploy new protocols, and then monitor and maintain them in one easy place. This eliminates the costly and slow routine of writing development specifications, programming and validating a new IWR system each time a new study comes along. [Learn more]

Call Notify IVR Platform

A VoiceXML-compliant, IVR application builder for generating inbound and outbound IVR applications. [Learn more]


CallCopy offers cc: Discover suite, a complete contact center solution for call recording, quality monitoring, coaching/training, speech analytics, surveys, and performance and workforce management. cc: Discover's tightly integrated modular design enables all capabilities, including desktop screen capture, to be selectively incorporated into each client's implementation. cc: Discover provides an intuitive interf... [Learn more]

CallFire Hosted IVR

With CallFire's easy-to-use IVR designer, you can quickly build a phone tree as simple or advanced as you want. Just record your messages (or choose the text-to-speech option), and use our drag-and-drop interface to build anything from an automated oubound survey, to an auto attendant that will route calls within your office. You can even attach it to a CallFire toll-free or local number. CallFire.com has one low ... [Learn more]