Investment Management

360 Pro

Built for companies with high net worth, this software provides comprehensive financial reports to help advance your company. [Learn more]

Account Open.Account Management

Opening a new investment account creates a contractual relationship with a client. ASC has developed an Account Open Platform that integrates to your Back Office seamlessly allowing the Advisor to generate agreements, capture signatures and associate all related documentation online in real-time. With Built In Business and Compliance Rules, the solution ensures accounts are opened correctly the first time, redu... [Learn more]

Advisor Desk

Microsoft CRM module includes client, document, & expense management, email integration, targeted analytics and more. [Learn more]


Financial Portfolio Management for client reporting for Wealth Management, Financial Advisors and Private Banking. SaaS WEB Based. [Learn more]


Comprehensive financial planning, automated advice, portfolio management and sophisticated asset allocation modeling. [Learn more]