Idea Management


Available from #90 per month! BrightSpark, an idea management solution facilitating direct engagement from employees and customers. In the current economic climate, organisations who wish to maintain a competitive advantage are those that draw upon the experience, support, innovation and commitment of their most valuable asset; their employees. BrightSpark assists in promoting a culture of openness and sharing, b... [Learn more]


Collaborative web-based mind mapping tool with instant updates, real-time collaboration, and auto-layout technology. [Learn more]

ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Manage your ideas effectively; use this application for process construction, mind mapping and brainstorming. [Learn more]


Generate, evaluate, and prioritize ideas. Find out which ideas are the best and understand the reasons why. [Learn more]

DataStation Innovation Cloud

DataStation Innovation Cloud is a complete SaaS for innovation management: capturing employee ideas, leading new products and services from successful idea to their market launch, combined with features of social networking, data sharing control and productivity applications. Mobile access, smart search, flexible, secure and reliable infrastructure, together with one-day setup and a quick start will increase busin... [Learn more]