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Products for brokers, hedge funds and investment managers enable sophisticated automated trading strategies. [Learn more]

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Connotate changes the way financial service professionals use and capitalize on information found on the Web. Connotate Agents allow you to extract, monitor, mine, mashup and aggregate unique data sets, enabling you to create new and differentiated investment strategies by delivering timely proprietary research, thus allowing you to make first-mover decisions in a highly regulated environment. Connotate's investor... [Learn more]


"Outsource Derivatives Trading Analytics Development on the Amoeba platform" [Learn more]


Enables both sell-side and buy-side traders to leverage proprietary trading strategies. [Learn more]


Archway, a software company, supports the financial operations of global Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Investment Advisors, Prime Brokers and Private Banks. Its flagship platform, ATWeb, is a web deployed enterprise solution for the accounting and investment industry. ATWeb integrates a full general ledger (G/L) to support portfolio, fund and partnership accounting with a portfolio management system. [Learn more]