Grant Management

Grant Manager

A dynamic, online system which allows for grant information to be displayed through a customizable website branded with your logos and color scheme. Grant Manager features intuitive web forms which help guide and assist clients throughout the application process. Comprehensive reporting shows the distribution of funds and financial information allowing you to analyse where your grants go and their impact. [Learn more]

Grant Maximizer Solution (GMS)

Streamlines the accounting for grant funds and matching (cost-share) contributions for instant access to real-time information. [Learn more]


Enables grant professionals to respond to the increasing demands of grant program management and performance accountability. [Learn more]


GranTracks is a simple solution to online grant giving, which provides users with the tools to create forms that enable their organization to collect information that is relative to only them, and allows an organization to manage contacts, opportunities, grants and projects. [Learn more]

Grants Network

eCivis is the leading online provider of federal, state, and foundation grant information and grants management tools for local governments and nonprofits. These entities rely on eCivis to identify appropriate grants, submit competitive applications, and efficiently manage awards while reducing their administrative costs. eCivis also provides grant writing, peer review, training, and technical assistance services ... [Learn more]