TeleForum is a powerful communications tool that allows you to talk one-on-one with the people that matter to you the most. TeleForum provides unique opportunities to elicit audience feedback, inspire loyalty, communicate an idea, raise support and much more. So whether you want to talk to 200 people, 2 million or somewhere in between, Broadnet will help you become an indisputable partner in the conversation. [Learn more]


Fundraising solution for charities and non-profits in the Asia Pacific region. [Learn more]


Delivers an effective solution for all your charity need - Fundraising, Membership, Alumni and Voluntary Organisations. [Learn more]

National donation processing service for non profit organizations looking to accept donations online. [Learn more]

The FundRaiser Family

FundRaiser Software has served the non-profit community since 1985 with a family of highly acclaimed fundraising software programs designed to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Our software has helped organizations around the world maximize their donor revenue through better management techniques and strategic planning; but you don't need to take our word for it - be sure to read our Case Stu... [Learn more]