Fuel Management

Truck Tracker Software

Regulates maintenance, repairs, tires, fuel, logs, licensing, parts inventory and personnel and vehicle information. [Learn more]

TruckMaster 2000

TruckMaster provides custom fit solutions for trucking, brokerage, logistics, and private fleet operations. No matter how small or large, TruckMaster has the software system for you. Major features include dispatching, billing, settlements, payroll, accounting, maintenance, and safety. Allow us to show you what our full featured transportation management system can do for you - TruckMaster your company today! [Learn more]


Fuel consumption monitoring system, digital fuel level sensor, analyzes and displays each step of the driver on the route. [Learn more]

VersaTrans FleetVision

Easy-to-use software that helps track, schedule and monitor PMs, inventories, warranties, fuel consumption, and more. [Learn more]


Online trucking software for owner operators; record your expenses, fuel purchases and miles. [Learn more]