Fuel Management


PC*MILER is the routing, mileage and mapping software depended on by today's transportation industry. The software also puts you in control of rating, driver pay, hazardous materials routing, fuel tax reporting, GPS, Tolls, Fuel Optimization, and Fleet Management. We integrate from the basic end user through complex network applications. [Learn more]

Professional Edition

Dispatching, freight billing and revenue settlement, fuel taxes, fleet maintenance, load tracking, payroll. [Learn more]

ProMiles Fuel Management

Fuel optimizer which lets you create, compare, modify or view your own fuel purchase networks with ease. [Learn more]

PureFuel POS Fuel Management Edition

Next generation fule management solution with fuel dispenser interface and pay at the pump capability. [Learn more]

Roadnet Telematics

GPS-based telematics solution that combines GPS-based onboard monitoring technology and engine diagnostics with easy-to-use mapping and reporting software to track vehicle operating and usage parameters from engine faults to idling time, seatbelt usage and much more. The result is a clear picture of your fleet's risk, productivity and maintenance status that can help dramatically reduce operating costs, from insur... [Learn more]