I.R.I.S. Forest Products Software System

The Forest Products System (FPS) provides you with simple, inexpensive, reliable plug-in software modules that track forest products "from the stump to the shipping dock". The software runs on office PC's and ruggedized handheld PC's. The modules provide you with up-to-date tabular and graphic information so you can work better, faster, and cheaper. Please click on the link above to see a listing of the modules... [Learn more]


Stem description system. Features: Log product list, priorities & reference data stored in a central DB, and more. [Learn more]

Ironbark Timber Software

Ironbark Timber Industry Software is a complete platform for businesses in the Timber industry. From Logging, Milling (Sawmill), Fabrication and Wholesale to Retail and Point of Sale. Ironbark Timber Industry Software is designed to work in conjunction with the latest technologies RF equipment to ensure you capitalise on the best systems to operate your business wherever you are placed within the Timber Industry ... [Learn more]

ISIS Wood Product Inventory Sales and Production System

Supplier of inventory software for sawmills, remanufacturers, and engineered wood manufacturers. [Learn more]

Log Inventory & Management System

Forestry software that provides you with a precise control over all phases of your timberland, woodland, yard and mill operations. [Learn more]