Food Traceability

Minotaur Business System

The Minotaur Business System is fully integrated manufacturing, distribution and accounting software for food, beverage and meat processing companies. Our modular design allows you to choose only the software applications that best match your current business needs, and add modules as your needs grow. With more than a dozen modules to choose from, you don't have to worry about outgrowing the system. All modules h... [Learn more]

Priya WMS

AFS offers multiple WMS solutions to fit the needs of facilities large and small. Our Enterprise solutions offer the advanced features needed to operate a 1,000,000 sq. foot, highly automated facility while our standard Priya product allows operators of warehouses as small as 10,000 sq. ft to gain the benefits of that a full featured WMS can deliver. Regardless of size, a Priya WMS implementation typically yields ... [Learn more]

Produce Pro Software

Produce Pro Software provides sales order entry, purchasing, inventory management, traceability, routing/logistics, accounting, E-commerce, analytics, and warehouse management features specifically designed for our clients' unique needs. Our system supports over 3500 end users throughout the US and Canada including several of the most successful companies in the produce industry. We also support dairy, floral, ... [Learn more]


Windows-based Food ERP software that automates sales, inventory, production, traceability, e-commerce, business intelligence and more. [Learn more]

Secure Visibility Track & Trace

Inventory control system and software application that securely captures and shares case-level traceability information in real-time. [Learn more]