Food Service Management

Dietary Manager

Manage inventory, diets, menus, staff and more with our dietary management software for hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living. [Learn more]


Foodservice software that includes a clinical electronic cardex which maintains all resident data in one central repository. BEE and BMI calculations, weight triggers, problems, goals and approaches, Likes and dislikes, meal pattern, special devices, allergies etc. Designed to simplify menu planning with nutritional analysis, selective menus, servery, and restaurant style in producing color codes extension sheets ... [Learn more]

DietMaster 2000

Comprehensive software for long-term residential care facilities to manage their menus, ordering, and dietary needs. [Learn more]


Online sales and marketing data analysis tool that improves market research and intelligence efforts. [Learn more]

Edible Software

Edible Software is a fully Integrated Microsoft Windows and SQL-based software solution for wholesale food distributors, importers and manufacturers. It provides instant, up-to-the-minute inventory control, profitability and traceability, as well as full management and accounting information. When used correctly, Edible Software can significantly increase distributors' gross margins, due to its accurate and timely... [Learn more]