Food Service Management


Recipe Costing, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Ordering, Requisition & Transfer, Nutritional Analysis. [Learn more]


SaaS accounting solution that includes multi-unit consolidated reporting and live sales monitoring capabilities. [Learn more]

Cost Genie

Cost Genie is your money saving utensil in the food service industry. Easy to learn and easy to use, Cost Genie instantly takes the guess work out of costing your inventory, recipes, menus and catering events. Cost Genie provides big time restaurant chain analysis and back-of-the-house control for the independent owner. With the Cost Genie modules (Inventory, Recipes, Menu Items, Catering) you can change the cost ... [Learn more]

Cost of Sale Tracker

Food service cost accounting software designed to isolate losses due to theft, shrinkage, incorrect purchasing, poor yields, etc. [Learn more]

CostGuard Inventory

CostGuard is a complete foodservice software for managing inventory, recipes, menus, sales mixes, and reporting. CostGuard analyzes actual and ideal food costs, and calculates variance (shrinkage) by major and minor food groups, as well as by the individual item. There are interfaces with supplier data, POS systems, accounting (including QuickBooks), and Catering systems. We have thousands of CostGuard users wo... [Learn more]