Financial Reporting

Business Scorecard

Lets you see in a glance how your company and individual aspects of your company compare to competitors in your industry. [Learn more]


BusinessPLUS is a complete financial and human resource managment system that provides access anywhere to automated workflow and a centralized database. BusinessPLUS is highly customizable and allows the business office to efficiently create a robust financial and human resources system enhanced to serve each district's unique needs. [Learn more]


Solution for metrics and KPIs; reporting and analysis; budgeting, financial forecasting, financial consolidations. [Learn more]


Cashbook Limited provide Cash Management and Electronic Banking solutions for over 100 customers in 20 countries around the world. Founded in 1992, Cashbook have been focused upon cash processing projects for 17 years. Cashbook is a multi-site, multi-currency, multi-lingual solution which radically reduces the time needed to perform day-to-day tasks in finance departments. Cashbook is also an essential tool for ... [Learn more]

Claritee Payment Audit

Claritee's Health Care Practice Enhancement services can convert your data into valuable information that enables you to gain control, increase efficiency and improve your reimbursements. Our Payment Audit service evaluates the accuracy of payer reimbursements. By comparing the provider's actual payments received against the payer's contractual fee schedules, Claritee can pinpoint underpayments down to the billing... [Learn more]