Financial Reporting

360 Pro

Built for companies with high net worth, this software provides comprehensive financial reports to help advance your company. [Learn more]

Abacus Financial

An automated system for management of financial-economic activity of a company or a group of companies. [Learn more]

Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is a leading provider of financial reporting software, budgeting and forecasting and corporate performance management software for corporates and non profits. [Learn more]

Aircraft Cost Calculator

Aircraft Cost Calculator (ACC) is a Web Application that provides accurate costs and benefits of aircraft ownership. It is designed for aircraft owners, potential owners, flight departments, brokers, dealers, financial institutions, and Part 91/135 operators to quickly calculate the costs of full, fractional, leasing, or a combination of each type of ownership. ACC is accessible from a Wi-Fi connection, on virtual... [Learn more]

Alight Planning Enterprise

Alight has invented an entirely new way to rapidly build integrated, driver-based planning models that quickly quadruples the ROI of Financial Planning and Analysis. Developed by the team that brought you Pillar, the first Enterprise Planning application, Alight is the first solution to transform planning into an activity that continuously adds value throughout the year, not just during the budget cycle. Affordabl... [Learn more]