Financial Fraud Detection

Oracle Bharosa

Leading provider of fraud prevention and strong authentication solutions - i.d. management, risk-analysis, and fraud prevention. [Learn more]


Solution for financial institutions, integrating Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing, and Anti-Fraud capabilities. [Learn more]


POINTER uses a unique mathematical model and sophisticated data mining techniques to create a dynamic Personal Symbolic Vector. Auto-learning techniques ensure that the system can incorporate realistic changes in behavior over time. This capability ensures that the user profile is always up to date and that the latest expert rules can be incorporated to detect possible fraud. [Learn more]

preCharge Fraud Screening

With preCharge in place, you get in-depth fraud scoring and customer verification in seconds. Proven to increase approved orders. [Learn more]


Integrated Identity Theft & Online Financial Fraud Prevention and Business Activity Monitoring, for Banking & Securities Industry. [Learn more]