Financial CRM

CANNEX Interface

Portfolio Plus integrates with CANNEX enabling you to manage each stage of the term deposit broker purchasing cycle. [Learn more]

CDC Pivotal CRM

CDC Pivotal CRM is an intuitive, powerful solution for companies that want to use CRM. [Learn more]

ClaritySoft CRM

Delivers the high value capabilities of enterprise CRM while eliminating the low value features that provide little to no benefit. [Learn more]

Corporate Master

Green Beacon Solutions partners with clients to develop and implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) business solutions. Our unique combination of technology, people, and process quickly help identify and implement expert strategies that support our client's business objectives within the distribution, professional services, banking/banking services, and manufacturing... [Learn more]


Flexible, Scalable, Powerful and Easy to use, CustomFAQs provides a complete suite of online customer support solutions. Dynamic FAQ/Knowledge Base, Custom Service Request, Questions tracking, E-mail management, Online Chat, Surveys. 8 Customers out of 10 will find their answers online. Create now an online Personal Relationship with new and existing customers. Reduce costs and frequency of incoming service requests. [Learn more]