Energy Management


Attache is a fully integrated natural gas management system. From wellhead to burner-tip, through the front, middle, and back office, Attache streamlines all of your natural gas activities. Attache provides companies with a flexible, economical, and scalable solution that can be implemented in the shortest amount of time. Finally, an enterprise solution that can work for any size organization. [Learn more]


A software built for balancing, simulation and subsequent analysis of material and energy flows and costs. [Learn more]

AVReporter Energy Management Software

AVReporter can easily be integrated to different systems (building supervision, production supervision, management know-how etc...). Due to its user-friendly interface in either desktop or web environment, AVReporter is an excellent tool for any user, providing ready access to all reports and dashboards. AVReporter v2.1 includes a host of built-in reports and dashboards (new Statistic reportsand Dashboards, Foreca... [Learn more]

Building Dashboard

View and share energy costs for your building, compare costs to surrounding buildings, and create an ideal budget for energy spending. [Learn more]

Building Manager Online

Internet based solution for collecting and reporting energy and environmental data from multiple remote sites. [Learn more]