Employee Monitoring

Activity Monitor

This unique spy software allows remote computer monitoring and keylogger recording in real time. [Learn more]

Beeline Employee Development

Provides the tools to monitor and improve employee performance, and supports the achievement of corporate and individual goals. [Learn more]


CyBlock is a reliable, cost-effective and schedulable Web access monitoring, control and filtering solution. For business use, it is available in three deployment options and it¿s easy to install, set up and use. Cyblock lets you apply different blocking policies to different groups in ways that curtail wasteful surfing, prevent bandwidth abuse and protect against security threats. It also provides a variety ... [Learn more]

Fatigue Management

EmpCenter Fatigue Management (FM) - an integrated part of the EmpCenter workforce management suite - automates all facets of fatigue risk mitigation to ensure employee work hour limits are enforced and that employees are fit for duty. As part of a fatigue risk mitigation strategy, EmpCenter FM can help boost productivity, improve morale, reduce operating costs, and reduce the risk of fines and litigation. [Learn more]


FleetSafer is a simple way to ensure that employee drivers use their mobile phones in a safe, legal and responsible way. [Learn more]