Electronic Discovery

Attenex Patterns Document Mapper

Quickly and accurately identify relevant information from electronic document collections of any size. [Learn more]

Axcelerate Review & Analysis

Axcelerate Review & Analysis is a revolutionary automatic coding, review and analysis product that dramatically improves the way litigation review and analysis is conducted. Using its unique Predictive Analytics¿¿¿ and Predictive Coding functionality it's able to pinpoint key documents quickly while automatically assessing document responsiveness, privilege and issue relation before the review process beg... [Learn more]

Bee Docs Discover

Litigation document management service for managing scanned discovery documents. [Learn more]

Breeze eDiscovery Suite

Create load files, Bates number, OCR and batch-process documents at your desktop. [Learn more]


Review all documents and file types, search for keywords in any document, classify documents, produce document schedules and indexes. [Learn more]