With Tranzactor you can process EDI using direct FTP or AS2 communications through your existing internet connection. [Learn more]

Tranzactor EDI

EDI translation and communication for the Transportation Industry. Manages document translation mapping, transaction process execution, monitoring ,error handling, and reporting. Transportation applications are supported on Windows or iSeries. Direct integration with all major Transportation Management Systems, including TMWSuite, TL2000, TruckMate, IES, and others. - Locally installed or hosted solution - Autom... [Learn more]

TrueCommerce EDI Transaction Manager

TrueCommerce EDI Transaction Manager converts business documents such as purchase orders and invoices into an EDI standard format and also converts raw EDI data back into business documents. [Learn more]

vSync EDI for AX

Delivers a flexible, scalable and easy to use approach for managing critical EDI documents for your supply chain community. [Learn more]


WCIRS- Worker's Compensation Injury Reporting Service is an internet-based solution that fulfills state regulations for WC claims submissions. This all-state solution files claims electronically in all EDI-enabled states and provides the ability to print paper forms for all jurisdictions. The system supports multiple report formats, including the most up-to-date IAIABC industry formats for filing workers' compens... [Learn more]